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News Article: Animal lover relishing her job
March, 2017. Animal lover relishing her job in pet shop
News Article: Sharks fan Ashley Williams
March, 2017. Sharks fan Ashley Williams lands job working with his beloved club
News Article: Richmond Club and Nova
February, 2017. Richmond Club and Nova prove perfect partners
News Article: Fear Not!
February, 2017. Fear Not! People with disability will contribute to your workplace
News Article: Major step to employment
December, 2016.
News Article: NOVA Graduates
December, 2016. NOVA Graduates l Well done, Liverpool young people!
News Article: Industrial Sugar Industries
October, 2016. Industrial Sugar Industries a big supporter of Nova Employment
News Article: Craig secures first ever job
October, 2016.
News Article: Why Tallowood School
October, 2016. Why Tallowood School is thanking Rouse Hill Times for winning $10,000 at film festival
News Article: NOVA Employment powers
September, 2016. NOVA Employment powers ahead with 100 jobs in 100 days initiative
News Article: Inspiring short films
FOA, 2016. Inspiring short films
News Article: Local Film Makers
FOA, 2016. Local filmmakers make Focus on Ability finals
News Article: Carlson School
FOA, 2016. Carlson School for Cerebral Palsy students produce short film
News Article: Three Rwandan Films
FOA, 2016. Three Rwandan Films on disability nominated
News Article: Rwandan short listed
FOA, 2016. Rwandan short listed in Australian Film Festival
News Article: Film focus is on golf
FOA, 2016. Film focus is on golf abilities
News Article: Aesthetic's captivating
FOA, 2016. Aesthetic's captivating and uplifting
News Article: Ability the focus of film comp
FOA, 2016.
News Article: Filmmakers shows struggle
FOA, 2016. Filmmakers shows struggle to hold onto freedom
News Article: Teachers' tough road
FOA, 2016. Teachers' tough road inspires student film
News Article: See Me See Abilities
FOA, 2016. Malawian Film "See Me See Abilities" up for voting
News Article: Malawian Film
FOA, 2016. Malawian Film competes at International Film Festival
News Article: Nathan Johnston
FOA, 2016. Nathan Johnston - Vision without sight
News Article: Kenyan film nominated
FOA, 2016. Kenyan film nominated for Australian film festival
News Article: Short film asks for change
FOA, 2016. Short film asks for change in perspective
News Article: Locally-made film
FOA, 2016. Locally-made film named Focus on Ability finalist
News Article: Murray Bridge High
FOA, 2016. Murray Bridge High School disability unit submit video to Focus on Ability Film Festival
News Article: Movie by person
FOA, 2016. Movie by person with disability nominated for International award
News Article: Tallowood School's brilliant
FOA, 2016. Tallowood School's brilliant entry for NOVA short film awards
News Article: Dance is life - you can vote
FOA, 2016
News Article: Short film that rocks
FOA, 2016.
News Article: See more than a disability
FOA, 2016.
News Article: Vote Now
FOA, 2016. Vote now & share it often
News Article: Evie: Rolleystone Students
FOA, 2016. Evie: Rolleystone Students' film puts spotlight on abilities
News Article: Cerebral Palsy Sufferer
FOA, 2016. Cerebral Palsy sufferer marches to beat of own drum
News Article: School leavers
September, 2106. School leavers with disabilities programs hitting targets
News Article: Nova Employment launches
September, 2016. Nova Employment launches 100 Jobs in 100 Days Campaign
News Article: Nova Employment St Marys
August, 2016. Nova Employment St Marys creating pathways for school leavers with a disability
News Article: More than just a job
July, 2016
News Article: Youngsters keen
July, 2016. Youngsters keen to enter the workforce
News Article: Football4All kicks several
July, 2016. Football4All kicks several goals for special needs players
News Article: Records broken at Football4all
July, 2016. Records broken at Football4all Gala Day
News Article: Push for 100 jobs in 100 days
June, 2016. Push for 100 jobs in 100 days
News Article: Challenge to find 100 jobs
June, 2016. Challenge to find 100 jobs in 100 days
News Article: Previously 'unemployable'
April, 2016. Previously 'unemployable' people with disabilities now hitting the workforce
News Article: Nova's race to find 100 jobs
April, 2016. Nova's race to find 100 jobs
News Article: Eleni Petinos MP
April, 2016. Parliament address
News Article: Nova transition to work
April, 2016. Nova transition to work
News Article: Nova Employments 100 jobs
April, 2016. Nova Employments 100 jobs in 100 days campaign -Sharks Group CEO Lyall Gorman guest speaker
News Article: Great help for employers
March, 2016. Nova Employment's 100 Jobs in 100 days campaign
News Article: Nova candidate lands job
March, 2016. Nova candidate lands job
News Article: Richmond Club's Kylie Londish
March, 2016. Richmond Club's Kylie Londish powers on with NOVA's support
News Article: Cronulla Sharks help Nova
February, 2016. Cronulla Sharks help Nova Employment’s 100 Jobs in 100 Days campaign
News Article: Sharks support NOVA
February, 2016. Sharks support NOVA
News Article: Brendan guns it at Lynwood
February, 2016. Brendan guns it at Lynwood in new job
News Article: Matthew secures his first job
December, 2015. Matthew secures his first job at 20 and he loves the work
News Article: Join the race for 100 jobs
February, 2016. Join the race for 100 jobs
News Article: Adam shines at St George
February, 2016. Adam shines at St George Leagues Club
News Article: Supported Employment Feature
December, 2015. Link Disability Magazine
News Article: Nova Employment's 100 jobs
November, 2015. Nova Employment's 100 jobs in 100 day campaign in western Sydney proves a success
News Article: Make the transition
November, 2015. Make the transition to work easier through training
News Article: Full-time job for young driver
November, 2015. Nova Employment finds full-time job for young driver
News Article: 100 jobs in 100 days: Rhys
November, 2015.
News Article: Want Reliable Employees
November, 2015. BiziNet Magazine - Want Reliable Employees who Can Do the Job, Plus Workplace Support to Boot? Who doesn't?
News Article: 100 jobs in 100 days:
November, 2015. 100 jobs in 100 days: From Struggle Street to employment
News Article: Australia & the UK - Promoting
October, 2015. Australia & the UK - Promoting Disabled Workers
News Article: 100 Jobs in 100 Days: Mitchell
October, 2015
News Article: NOVA looking for 100
October, 2015. NOVA looking for 100 more success stories
News Article: Nova's Focus on Ability Film
October, 2015. Nova's Focus on Ability Film Festival
News Article: NOVA partnership
October, 2015. NOVA partnership program puts people in jobs
News Article: Local students dance their way
September, 2015. Local students dance their way to festival win
News Article: Special school needs your help
August, 2015.
News Article: Dragon Dreaming a Winner
September, 2015.
News Article: Filmmaker helps DanDaLion
September, 2015. Filmmaker helps DanDaLion bloom
News Article: Students' focus on ability
September, 2015. Students' focus on ability wins award
News Article: NOVA provides
September, 2015. NOVA provides job opportunities
News Article: Woodville year 11 student
September, 2015. Woodville year 11 student Georgia Cramp wins Ability short film competition
News Article: Kellyville High's award winner
September, 2015
News Article: Young film maker
August, 2015. Young film maker deserves community's support
News Article: Hornsby's father and son
September, 2015. Hornsby's father and son due fly the flag for all abilities after being named finalists
News Article: Red carpet awaits
September, 2015. Red carpet awaits Valley Skills Life drama group
News Article: NOVA shows off on Open Day
September, 2015. NOVA Employment shows off on Open Day
News Article: James found work
July, 2015. James Smithers found work thanks to NOVA
News Article: Focus on Ability Film Festival
September, 2015. Focus on Ability Film Festival has finalists from Kellyville, Seven Hills and Werrington
News Article: Short films
August, 2015. Short films bring major creations to big screen
News Article: Specialist School star
August, 2015. Specialist School students star in short zombie film
News Article: More FOA in Finland
August, 2015.
News Article: Film INK
August, 2015. Focus on ability short film festival finalists shortlisted
News Article: Bega Double
August, 2015. Focus on ability film festival features Bega double
News Article: Bega directors
August, 2015. Bega directors deaf-inspired work
News Article: Ipswich Film
August, 2015. Ipswich film in festival finals
News Article: Inside Sim Racing
August, 2015. Focus on Ability - Southpaw racer
News Article: FOA makes news in Finland
August, 2015.
News Article: Maitland girl's short film
August, 2015. Maitland girl's short film focuses on ability, not disability
News Article: Upcoming filmmaker
August, 2015. Upcoming filmmaker Nsengimana talks about his hit movie 'Rayisi'
News Article: Dwarfism explained
August. 2015. Dwarfism explained in candid teen video
News Article: Red INC filmmakers
August, 2015. Red INC filmmakers focussing on ability
News Article: Students raise awareness
August, 2015. NZ - Sunlive - The Bay's News First
News Article: Vote a Rwandan Film
July, 2015. Vote a Rwandan Film RAYISI to raise up our flag on the international scene
News Article: Rwandan News
July, 2015. The FOA Festival makes Rwandan news site
News Article: 100 Jobs in 100 Days:
July, 2015. Agency gives job seekers the edge
News Article: 100 Jobs in 100 Days:
July, 2015. They talked turkey at meal time
News Article: Look beyond disability
July, 2015.
News Article: Furniture Firm adds 2 jobs
July, 2015. Furniture firm adds to jobs to tally
News Article: Macarthur NOVA's job seekers
June, 2015. Macarthur NOVA's jobseekers ready for employment
News Article: Football4All gathers more fans
June, 2015. Football4All gathers more fans
News Article: Partnership gets results
June, 2015. Partnership gets results
News Article: 100 JOBS IN 100 DAYS:
May, 2015. 100 JOBS IN 100 DAYS: Speakers inspire at campaign official launch event
News Article: Helping by the hundred
May, 2015.
News Article: Call to remove barriers
May, 2015. Call to remove barriers to employment
News Article: Nova job centre
May, 2015. Nova job centre opens new office at Hurstville
News Article: Rydges Sydney Central
April, 2015. Rydges Sydney Central hosts 'Focus on Ability' Festival
News Article: Call for hotel industry
April, 2015. Call for hotel industry to ‘focus on the ability of people with a disability’
News Article: Hotels urged
April, 2015. Hotels urged to 'focus on ability'
News Article: Nova workers
April, 2015. Nova workers offer a range of skills
News Article: Canberra Film Maker
April, 2015. Canberra Film Maker heads to Hollywood
News Article: Give a keen job seeker a break
April, 2015. Give a keen job seeker a break
News Article: Nova campaign to create 100
March, 2015. Nova campaign to create '100 Jobs in 100 Days'
News Article: Partnership promotes a fair go
February, 2015. Partnership promotes a fair go
News Article: Record smashed
November, 2014. Record smashed in jobs campaign
News Article: Desperate to recruit
November, 2014. Nova Employment desperate to recruit, says CEO
News Article: NOVA 100 jobs in 100 days
November, 2014. NOVA 100 jobs in 100 days campaign
News Article: Newest recruit
October, 2014. Nova's 100 jobs in 100 days campaign: Newest recruit is a shining example
News Article: Targeting jobs
October, 2014. Targeting jobs for those with a disability
News Article: Newest recruit
October, 2014. NOVA Employment campaign : Newest recruit proves his worth
News Article: NOVA Employment campaign
October, 2014. NOVA Employment campaign : A win for employers and staff
News Article: NOVA: 100 jobs in 100 days
September, 2014. NOVA: 100 jobs in 100 days
News Article: Ryan's red carpet ride
September, 2014. Ryan's red carpet ride
News Article: Kellyville High School student
September, 2014. Kellyville High School students show film ability
News Article: Batemans Bay High School
September, 2014. Batemans Bay High School wins Nova Employment Focus on Ability Short Film Competition
News Article: Geneva Christian College
September, 2014. Geneva Christian College takes out top prize in national film competition
News Article: Cabramatta High students
August, 2014. Cabramatta High students are aiming to win a short film competition with a Titanic remake
News Article: Vote for local film
August, 2014. Vote for local film in Focus on Ability film comp
News Article: Students show music abilities
August, 2014. Students show music abilities
News Article: St Clare’s College
August, 2014. St Clare’s College teacher enters student Meg Fossilo’s story in the Nova Employment Focus on Ability Short Film Competition
News Article: 'Focus on Ability' lands
August, 2014. 'Focus on Ability' lands secret agent gig for teen
News Article: Public urged to vote
August, 2014. Public urged to vote for inspiring film
News Article: Bateman's Bay Public School
August, 2014. Bateman's Bay Public School focuses on abilities
News Article: Nowra High
August, 2014. Nowra High students finalists in film competition
News Article: Nepean's creative students
August, 2014. Nepean's creative studentsseek your votes to win film contest
News Article: Movie's focus
August, 2014. Movie's focus is her loving uncle
News Article: Film project shifts focus
August, 2014. Film project shifts focus onto ability
News Article: 'Secret' lives revealed
August, 2014. 'Secret' lives revealed on film
News Article: All action in mini-movie
August, 2014.
News Article: Ability focus of film
August, 2014
News Article: NOVA Employment's job campaign
August, 2014. NOVA Employment's jobs campaign has 'changed lives'
News Article: Work placement helps
August, 2014. Work placement helps Thomas find independence
News Article: Job trainees keen
July, 2014. Job trainees keen as mustard
News Article: NOVA Employment helps Craig
July, 2014. Nova Employment helps Craig get a job at The BBQ Store in Prestons
News Article: Job seekers get some pointers
July, 2014.
News Article: A great fit
July, 2014. A great fit found in Facebook job
News Article: Eager & willing
June, 2014. Eager, willing, wanting to work.
News Article: Trainees eager to start work
June, 2014. Enthusiastic, able, punctual, reliable and motivated
News Article: High hopes for jobs target
June, 2014
News Article: Ready, willing and able
May, 2014. Ready, willing and able to work
News Article: Work partnership
May, 2014. Work partnership a win-win deal
News Article: Focus on ability helps
May, 2014. NOVA Employment partnership seeks 100 jobs in 100 days
News Article: 100 jobs in 100 days
May, 2014. Front page Camden- Narellan Advertiser
News Article: 100 jobs in 100 days
May, 2014. Wollondilly Advertiser
News Article: Work campaign
April, 2014. Work campaign a tremendous success
News Article: Welfare trap
April, 2014. Welfare Trap for Australia Disabled Pushes Half to Poverty: Jobs
News Article: Ability in focus
April, 2014. Link Magazine
News Article: Job offers bonus
April, 2014. $10,000 productive spin-off for NOVA
News Article: Job helps overcome depression
March, 2014. Job helps overcome depression.
News Article: Bakery job a delight
March, 2014. Bakery job a delight for Lauren.
News Article: Great support for job seekers
March, 2014. Great support for job seekers
News Article: Lunch raises hopes
March, 2014. Cash on menu too
News Article: Willing worker
March, 2014. Willing worker seeks open doors
News Article: Plumber keen
February, 2014. Plumber keen to get back to work with Nova's help
News Article: Employment plan
February, 2014. Employment plan runs on time
News Article: Work a perfect fit
February, 2014. Work a perfect fit for pet lover
News Article: NOVA job find
January, 2014. NOVA job find was a perfect match
News Article: Focus on Ability key
January, 2014. Focus on Ability key to campaign
News Article: Cafe gets Ben cooking again
November, 2013. NOVA ends three years of unemployment
News Article: Job-seekers given a hand
November, 2013. Job-seekers given a hand
News Article: Scott's amazing persistance
Scott's amazing persistance pays off
News Article: A day in the life
October, 2013. A day in the life of Scott Hutton
News Article: Staff earn real dough
October, 2013. Staff earn real dough at Cafe64
News Article: Local Band wins
October, 2013. Local band wins disability film competition
News Article: Inspiring student finds niche
August 27, 2013. Inspiring student finds niche in film
News Article: El - Telegraph
26 August, 2013. Open day- Nova training for Disabled Students
News Article: August, 2013
Lights, camera, action
News Article: Valuing work
April, 2013. Valuing Work - Featured in Link Magazine
News Article: Kate's story earns acclaim
November 15, 2012. Kate's story earns acclaim internationally
News Article: Ready, willing and capable
October 20-21, 2012. SMH- Ready, willing and capable
News Article: The Challenge
October 17, 2012. The Challenge
News Article: Generous employers lend hand
September 27, 2012. Looking beyond disability
News Article: NOVA Expo celebrates abilities
September 11, 2012. NOVA Expo celebrates abilities
News Article: TV Veteran hosts lunch
September 7, 2012. Latest articles promoting the "Healthy Mind Healthy Workplace" luncheon at The Sebel, September 20.
News Article: NOVA honours
August 21, 2012. NOVA honours
News Article: The world today
August 20, 2012. Please
News Article: In the spotlight
August 20, 2012. In the spotlight- Link Magazine
News Article: Hiring workers
August 16, 2012. Hiring workers with a disability is good business
News Article: Smooth transition
August 6, 2012. Smooth transition into workforce
News Article: Squeaky Clean Effort
August 2, 2012. Squeaky Clean Effort
News Article: Business Awards
July 25, 2012. Business Awards - Give it a go!
News Article: Career tips shared
July 16, 2012. Career tips shared by television 'boss'
News Article: Job proves a perfect fit
June 25, 2012. Job proves a perfect fit for Kirsty
News Article: Support jobseekers with autism
June 17, 2012. NOVA Employment Services support jobseekers with autism
News Article: Businesses back scheme
June 18, 2012. Businesses back scheme to help keen youngsters
News Article: Transition Caringbah
May 30, 2012 - Transition to Work Caringbah
News Article: Focus on Ability
May 21, 2012. Focus on Ability
News Article: Training aid available
Training aid available for people with disabilities
News Article: Ready, willing and able
April 23, 2012. Ready, willing and able
News Article: High Hopes for Car enthusiast
April 10, 2012. High Hopes for Car enthusiast l Service seeks best method
News Article: Second chance pays
March 13, 2012. Second chance pays off for disabled workers
News Article: Advertising efforts
February 21, 2012. Advertising efforts have paid off
News Article: NOVA Employment's Starr
NOVA Employment's Starr recruit a great choice for local supermarket
News Article: New employee an asset
New employee an asset to Rouse Hill
News Article: Parenting
News Article: Australia rates poorly
Australia rates poorly with disability
News Article: Second chance pays off
Second chance pays off for disabled workers
News Article: Terri wants
Terri wants to put her skills to good use
News Article: Super Nova work for Donna
Super Nova work for Donna
News Article: It's all about confidence
It's all about confidence
News Article: More than
More than just an employment agency
News Article: Our clients
Our clients are capable and keen
News Article: Happy worker
Happy worker loves feeling the pressure
News Article: Manager has led by example
Manager has led by example
News Article: Confidence and care impresses
Confidence and care impresses interviewers
News Article: Ready, willing and able
Ready, willing and able
News Article: Workers welcome
Workers welcome great team members
News Article: Graduates Celebrate
Graduates Celebrate at open day
News Article: Disability no barrier
Disability no barrier to success
News Article: Hawkesbury High students win
Hawkesbury High students win comp
News Article: NOVA Open Day
NOVA Open Day
News Article: Cafe 64
Cafe 64 on a highway to good business
News Article: Creative minds
Creative minds tackle hard work of employment movie
News Article: Helping handout
Helping handout for the disability sector
News Article: Course to make job dreams
Course to make job dreams come true
News Article: Can-Do Expert
Can-Do Expert
News Article: Manning Valley Business Awards
Manning Valley Business Awards
News Article: New office opens
New office opens
News Article: Search for worker
Search for worker was childs play
News Article: A diverse range of options
A diverse range of options
News Article: Autism no longer a barrier
Autism no longer a barrier
News Article: NOVA star burns brightly
NOVA star burns brightly
News Article: Katie makes smooth transfer
Katie makes smooth transfer to work life
News Article: Giving it a go
Giving it a go
News Article: Determination pays off
Determination pays off for Larrisa
News Article: Larrisa makes transition
Larrisa makes transition
News Article: A time to celebrate ability
A time to celebrate ability
News Article: Doors open for trainees
Doors open for trainees
News Article: NOVA opens doors
NOVA opens doors for all to see its services
News Article: Disability no barrier
Disability no barrier thanks to job match
News Article: Supernova of job passion
Supernova of job passion
News Article: 2010 Broken Hill Gala
2010 Broken Hill Gala
News Article: 2010 Short Film Competition
Jack Nobel wins the 2010 Focus on Abilty Short Film Competition
News Article: New job a fresh start
Some news out of Rouse Hill
News Article: NOVA & WRAP
Picture from recent Philadelphia trip
News Article: Port Macquarie TTW Program
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