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High Schools

High Schools and NOVA Job Club

Through NOVA Job Club and our partnership with High School Support Units, NOVA Employment encourages further development of the skills students have acquired in special education classes.

Our program ensures that student's skills and abilities are built upon and then transferred to the workforce. During 2003, qualified NOVA staff delivered the NOVA Job Club program in 46 different high schools. Many students went on to achieve successful employment outcomes as NOVA job seekers.

"Job club isn't just about employment skills training, it's about teaching young people to believe in themselves."
Janis Velan, Job Club Coordinator

Ensure the hard work you have devoted to developing your student's potential and self-esteem isn't wasted in a cycle of unemployment. More than 60 high Schools have booked for 2004. We would be happy to provide NOVA Job Club for your students.

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