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At NOVA Springwood we always put our best foot forward. We're respected in the community for consistently providing local workplaces with willing and skilled staff. This motivates us to maintain our reputation.

The mountains are a lovely place to work and live. People feel a strong sense of connection to the area.

The lack of public transport can make job seeking in Springwood challenging, but we work around this by sourcing local jobs, jobs along the train line and matching people with cars to jobs further afield.

As a team, we're supportive of our clients and one another. We're professional, tolerant and helpful. We work hard, but know how to laugh! Each of us enjoys coming to work, which rubs off on our clients ' they look at us and think work must be a pretty good place!

Staff at Nova Springwood

Elizabeth Smart - Employment Consultant

Jenny Moore - NOVA Employment Job Coach

Ash Callaghan - NOVA Employment Job Coach

Rachel Hampshire - NOVA Employment Manager

Gloria Davidson - NOVA Transition STEP Job Coach

Nova Springwood Contact Details:

Shop 7
127 Macquarie Road
Springwood NSW 2777

Ph: (02) 4752 3000
Fax: (02) 4751 3602
Email: click here
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