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NOVA is a FREE service to both employers and job seekers to connect Workers with Ability to Employers who embrace Diversity.

If you are an EMPLOYER needing staff, NOVA can assist you to find the right worker for your business.

If you are a JOB SEEKER with a disability, injury or health condition NOVA can help you to find and maintain suitable employment.

NOVA operates the following programs and services:

NOVA Employment, Disability Employment Service (DES), for job seekers with a disability, injury or health condition who require assistance to find and maintain employment, funded by the Department of Social Services.

NOVA Transition, a service for school leavers with disability who require more intensive assistance to transition to work, funded by NDIS SLES Funding (School Leaver Employment Supports)

NOVA Transition 21 Up, for people with disability who require more intensive assistance before connecting with NOVA Employment DES, funded by NDIS Find and Keep a Job or equivalent.


For more information about your requirements and what we offer locally, you can call the local contact numbers and ask to speak with the NOVA Employment Manager.

If all our local staff are busy, please hold and your call will be answered by our friendly Head Office team.

Alternatively, call 1300 Ability to connect directly with Head Office.

If you are interested in NOVA Transition, please call 1300 Ability and ask to speak with a NOVA Transition Coordinator.

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