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Staff Training

Disability Service Standard 11
Staff Recruitment Employment and Training
Each person employed to deliver service to the service recipient must have relevant skills and competency.

Senior Managers, can you identify with the following staffing challenges?

  • Hiring suitable staff

  • Providing new staff with appropriate induction training � not just the skills to do the job, but understanding underpinning organisational philosophy

  • After initial training, ensuring staff meet targets

  • Retaining staff and providing on-going professional development and training

Branch or Team Managers, how do you deal with these staff-related challenges?

  • Motivating your team

  • Balancing time commitments, office targets, and staff responsibilities, while providing a quality service for job seekers

  • Assessing and reviewing individual performance

Employment Specialists do you identify with these challenges?

  • Meeting personal targets while providing a quality personalised service for job seekers

  • Balancing the needs of the employer and the job seeker

  • Keeping both yourself and your job seeker motivated towards the goal of employment

  • Creatively overcoming barriers to employment

The answer is a fully integrated staff training package that comprehensively covers all aspects of running a program from the point of view of each stakeholder.

NOVA's staff training package covers:

Hiring New Staff
See here for our complete hiring process. It includes our Selection Criteria, advertising, short-listing, and the interview panel.

Induction Training
NOVA's comprehensive competency-based Induction Training builds upon the qualities for which staff are hired. Training is delivered in an interactive 5-day training program using Workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, activities, role-plays and group discussions.

To acquire PDF copies of our complete Staff Induction Training Manual follow this link.

The Probationary Period
NOVA's provides a comprehensive monitoring and mentoring program for new staff. It contains Reports, Checklists and an On-the-Job Training Matrix designed to reinforce Induction Training.

To acquire PDF copies of our complete Probationary Program for New Staff follow the link here.

Branch Managers Training
This program covers all aspects and responsibilities of managing a team. Training is delivered in a 3-day training program using Workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, activities, role-plays and group discussions.

To acquire PDF copies of our complete Branch Managers Training Manual follow the link below.

What if you are a small organisation and don't have the resources to develop training? Or, a large organisation that finds it difficult to ensure all staff receives a consistent level of training? NOVA has faced these problems and has grown to become a large organisation. Our aim is to freely share our internal training programs with you, in order to assist all professionals involved in the provision of specialised assistance to people who have a disability.

NOVA's staff training program meets our training and competency needs, and explains our philosophical views. We look forward to sharing our experience and information with you.

Please feel free to use this information to compare your service with ours; and if you find our material useful, please use it to improve your service. We welcome your feedback and any information you would like to share here.

Participating in NOVA's In-House Training
NOVA Employment conducts in-house training for both Branch Managers and Employment Consultants on a regular basis. If you wish to undertake formal training (either web based or in-house) leading to nationally recognised qualifications through any of our units contact NOVA's Training Department on 02 9833 2500 or 1800 656 537

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