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NOVA is a supported employment program that offers specialist job seeking assistance and post placement support. We find jobs in the general community, at award wage. NOVA works exclusively with people who have a disability or significant barriers to work and we have an excellent record of success and meaningful career development. Staff from our Campbelltown office also support people who are deaf or hearing impaired. NOVA is not a sheltered workshop, or 'business service'
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Information for Jobseekers
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Information for Employers
Working with us is not an act of charity - it's a sound business decision made by hundreds of employers every year
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Working for Nova
Working for Nova

NovaBlog: A Blog by Martin Wren

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The Federal Government’s attempt to buy some time in relation to the Business Service Wage Assessment Tool (BSWAT) has stumbled in the Senate. ‘Shame for people with disabilities!’ comes the cry. That’s ...

Employment 'incentives'
Some people (having lives) spend their weekends doing fun stuff. Others, old, boring and friendless, spend their spare time checking out stuff that interests them professionally. I have a particular ...

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This week on Lets Get Working I would like to talk about communication in an interview and on the job.Communication covers talking, listening, writing and reading.It is very important to know ...

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Today on Lets Get Working I would like to discuss the importance of business awareness as part of your skill set.Whatever industry you would like to work in, its important to know what it is made ...

Sponsorship and Donations

Sponsorship and Donations

Each year NOVA assists many hundreds of people to enter the workforce. To do this we find, train and provide material support to dozens of staff. This costs a lot of money and NOVA funding from the Australian Government to carry this work out however, there is still enormous unmet need.

In 2002, NOVA began a formal program of fundraising. We now receive more than $100,000 annually in donations and goods. Our sponsors range from the very large (our genuine thanks to Mr. Gates and Microsoft) to the very small - annual membership of NOVA's association costs $3.

The cost of taking a person with an intellectual disability, finding suitable employment and providing appropriate post-placement support is approximately $7000. Every little bit helps. If you'd like to support our work financially we offer the following benefits:

  • As a registered charity, donations over $2 are tax-deductible (check with your accountant)
  • All donations over $10 are listed on our Champions Board
  • Corporate sponsors receive recognition on our website(s) and on other promotional material where applicable
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Positions Vacant
NOVA currently has exciting job opportunities in a range of different roles and programs.

Please make sure you have your resume ready to upload before you begin NOVA's On-Line Application process. Please apply here.

For more information see working for NOVA

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Can-Do-Ability Blog
Down Syndrome leads to early onset Alzheimers
I recently read an article that has made me so sad. Apparently people who have Down Syndrome face the onset of Alzheimer’s at about the age of 50.

Not only is it a challenge for a person with Down ...

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