Countdown Clock II

What’s the countdown clock all about?

It’s our closing time and a countdown to the end of a truly remarkable month of extraordinary effort by my staff.

Unemployment has soared, business confidence is shattered – all the news is doom and gloom and overall we started the month down about 25% on turnover and outcomes.

In these conditions we needed June to be special and so we went to the staff and laid the problem out – where we were, where we needed to be and what might we do to prevent hundreds of people with disability from losing their jobs.

How did the NOVA team respond?

This Pandemic has made finding a job even more challenging than normal and we knew things might get even tougher.

So, how did we do?

A record performance with the best placement results for 20 months (well before CoVid-19) and, thanks to the prompt support from our Job Coaches, our retention rates remain industry leading.

15% are Apprenticeships or Traineeships!

I can’t predict what the future might hold and whether things will get worse, better or stay tough but I couldn’t ask for a more skilled and dedicated team to meet the challenges.

If you have a disability and want a job, give us a call – If you are an employer looking for great staff we have some outstanding candidates