Never been so busy!

At the risk of jinxing it, there’s never been a better time to be looking for work – NOVA is getting scores of inquiries for workers, breaking all records each week with no sign of a let-up in sight!

The demand might be simply a post lockdown mini boom and maybe the bubble will pop – I have to say there’s no sign of that. Rather, the phones are ringing hot with employers who have ‘used us before’, told by a friend, colleague or family member that the NOVA team have 1500 super keen, work ready, want to be taxpayers lining up to get their chance to create careers for themselves.

People with disability wanting to work? – Dial 1-300 – Ability and we’ll fit you in ASAP.

Employers with vacancies looking for great staff? Dial 1-300 – Ability and we’ll screen possible candidates, listen to your preferences and match them to candidate who appreciate your offer – the cost for our services are nil AND we’ll help you access and Government subsidies you may be entitled to.

Finally a call out to anyone keen to join my staff – It’s the start of the weekend – why not make next week your time to give us a ring and let’s change some lives – especially keen to sign up Employment Consultants – you can find out more about the role of these folk by following the threads on our home page.

Best time ever to be in disability employment services!

Martin Wren