Try us!

Don’t know about you but I have felt pretty bruised from all the horrible stuff brought upon us by this damn virus – seeing so many folk losing their jobs is particularly awful and the uncertainty generated for everyone, particularly for workers who have a disability is dreadful to see.

If you are a person with disability and you have lost your work give us a call.

I cant promise we can solve your problems and we don’t have work coming out of our ears and we do have roles to fill across Sydney.

NOVA posted ‘best ever’ results for Jan and Feb and March looks pretty good (I’ll know on Tuesday and promise to share) – we’re open for business my team are doing their best to keep the jobs flowing so ‘chin up’

Above all – don’t despair, we’ll come out of this soon enough and when we do there’ll be a hunger for workers the like of which we’ve rarely seen.

‘Resilience’ is the term most of our jobseekers epitomise and a good term for my staff too, we’re tuff and together we’ll win through.

If you have any good news stories you’d like to share send them in, I’ll be happy to share.