Depressing cracked record!

A good friend will occasionally pull me up with the reminder that I have a tendency to rant, ‘rave on slop jaw’ if I remember correctly.

Apparently ‘Social Enterprises are NOT enabling transition for people with disability’ – what genius worked this out?

Of course they aren’t doing so and only the naive or the not connected would imagine that they might.

The plan was to enable the creation of small business that would have as part of the M.O. the inclusion of people with disability. Under the skilled management of the business operators these folk would then gain skills to make them employable and from there they would leave and either enter a similar workforce in the private sector or even start similar small business of their own!

Anyone that thought that might happen should be given something for their niceness but nothing for their lack of forethought. – That was never ever going to happen, it reflects a soft bigotry and actually condemns people with disability to second class worker status (sorry, this is simply the truth).

When it comes to employment the NDIS is totally failing to deliver and actually actively works to prevent employment for people with significant disability.

The National DES (disability employment Service program is stagnant.

National disability employment rates are depressingly fixed and no amount of tweaking will make a difference.

None of this should surprise.

If I were a policy maker I would be depressed (even though all of this was pretty much entirely of my own making or enabling).

It doesn’t have to be this way.

NOVA has the best average results for any disability employment service – this is treated like a mystery! – it’s not, the secret to success is simple, the means of avoiding the systemic barriers to good employment outcomes is the thing that needs skill!

Simple solution: don’t listen to people who can’t now, couldn’t before and never will deliver decent disability employment outcomes.

If you are a person with a disability looking for work give us a call, many NOVA offices are in surplus jobs and very keen to hear from jobseekers serious about paying tax!