Good Result!

Received the following yesterday morning:

Hi Nova, just wanted to give my feedback in regards to my mother getting a job through you guys and the amazing impact it has had!! The job that mum has received has changed her outlook on everything! She is now much more confident in her self and her abilities. There’s no more doubt in what she can do or if she will be good enough at a job, because shes exceeding in this job so much that her confidence has grown! Shes also so much more happier in every day life. That can be attributed to many things that this job has offered her- She is now more sociable with work colleagues and customers, and confident talking to people, and she has far less financial stress and problems, because she is earning much more than what she used to. I can tell that this has made her happier, less worried and allowed her to put her mind to other important things in life. Shes now a much happier person with an even better well being and that’s incredible! Thank you for providing my mum with an amazing job that she enjoys, she, I and our family are very appreciative!

Thank you for your feedback, I work with the very best people whose skill continues to impress.

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