Life Changers II

How are you in the mornings (or evenings, or nights)? NOVA is an ‘old school’ Disability Employment Service – we find work in the general community with identical pay and conditions as those enjoyed by people who dont have a disability.

Some of our jobseekers need a little extra help in order to gain work and some need our help to keep their jobs.

This is included in Post Placement Support.

Providing that assistance sometimes means my staff have to get up early, stay up late, catch public transport (with appropriate personal protective equipment) and generally step outside their comfort zone.

This is a method that works:

I have been with Nova Employment for over a year now and it has been the best choice I ever made! NOVA found (me) a job, and assisted with my interview clothing, which was extremely helpful.

When I got the job, they would get up and be at the train station at 5am and travelled with me until I was comfortable.

The staff here are all so kind and happy, that coming to NOVA puts a smile on my face. They are always give words of encouragement and support, as well as suggest ways to help me at work. I always have someone to go to if I ever need to talk about my mental health or life in general.

NOVA needs you (maybe, if you have what it takes), we are growing and looking for staff that want to make a difference.

Details on how to apply on our home page

Nova have got me to the place I am now and I’m forever thankful for that”