More than Money!

If asked, most of us would say we went to work for the money, to pay our bills or support our family.

All true, and yet work means so much more:

Prior to finding a job with NOVA employment Glenn* struggled to keep jobs for more than a few months and was generally working as a dishwasher in restaurants which he found to be quite unsatisfying work. Due to the need to work in close proximity to others and the ‘banter’ style work place Glenn struggled with social interactions with workers and had trouble differentiating between what was banter and what was bullying.

During the times Glenn was unemployed he would spend a lot of his time focusing on the negatives in his life, believed that each time he left the house people were out to ruin his day and was generally very anxious and depressed. Glenn was being financially supported by family and living in a family owned property undergoing significant building works as he could not afford rent.

Glenn has become a different person since gaining employment through NOVA. Glenn was able to find meaningful skilled employment and with the help of NOVA he was able to adjust his thought processes and behaviour in order to maintain his employment and to date, this is by far the longest period Glenn has remained with the one employer.

Glenn was able to search for, find and secure a rental property with no assistance from family, this included signing the lease and all dealings with the real estate agent. He also lives independently of the family and manages all of his own day to day affairs. Glenn has become and excellent cook and regularly extends invitations to friends and family to visit his home where he puts on amazing 4+ course meals for them.

Since gaining employment through NOVA just over 18 months ago Glenn has gone from strength to strength and his entire family has been amazed with the results. Socially Glenn has become better at managing relationships with people, a better conversationalist and is more confident and less worried about what strangers think of him.

My congratulations and thanks to Glenn and his family (*No, of course the names have been changed, so’s the job!) and again an invitation to anyone looking for a rewarding career with great benefits, NOVA is hiring across Sydney and the Southern Ranges.