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Nova Ezines

Nova Ezine: May 2019 Employer Ezine
Bad news re success l 'It really changed our business' l The good news about workplace adaptation
Nova Ezine: April 2019 Employer Ezine
Brief people properly l A volunteer beats a conscript every time l Review worker's performance regularly
Nova Ezine: March 2019 Employer Ezine
Hiring through NOVA makes good business sense - not a charity event Reverse recruiting? Interviewing candidates - get it right! Community partners with South Sydney Rabbitohs.
Nova Ezine: February 2019 Employer Ezine
Investment in staff already paying off l Know any heroes? l Know what you want - candidates l
Nova Ezine: January 2019 Employer Ezine
Strong workers set up for life l Lived experience benefits innovation l Know what you want – roles
Nova Ezine: December 2018 Employer Ezine
Life lifts up when you love your work l The inefficient leopard l Flexibility breeds innovation
Nova Ezine: November 2018 Employer Ezine
Is anybody indispensable? l A word from Martin l Polished interviews or enthusiasm to learn? l
Nova Ezine: October 2018 Employer Ezine
Great attitude and hard work l Putting the 'mutual' back into mutual obligation l Support middle management to understand, implement and assess progress
Nova Ezine: September 2018 Employer Ezine
Confident, happy, and working! l Focus On Ability - a short film festival that shifts our perspective l Regularly invest in staff training l
Nova Ezine: August 2018 Employer Ezine
Singing NOVA's praises l A dummy with a plan beats a genius without one l A well-documented plan
Nova Ezine: July 2018 Employer Ezine
Open road to open employment l The dignity of taking risks l Create opportunities for cross-functional interaction among the team
Nova Ezine: June 2018 Employer Ezine
Success from a grandmother's perspective l Focus On Ability - my sideline l Five steps to workplace inclusion - step 2
Nova Ezine: May 2018 Employer Ezine
Perfect place for 'people person' l Inclusion is cultural l Five steps to inclusion - step 1 l Considering employing another staff member?
Nova Ezine: April 2018 Employer Ezine
Learning the employment basics - time management l Familiarity breeds l The business case for inclusion l An eye for art
Nova Ezine: March 2018 Employer Ezine
Employer wants a hundred Nonas! l Driver Wanted l The difference between diversity and inclusion
Nova Ezine: February 2018 Employer Ezine
Employer happy to spread the word l My introduction to inclusion l Beyond compliance l
Nova Ezine: January 2018 Employer Ezine
NOVA understands our business l 'Aiming high' benefits us all l Not masters of everything
Nova Ezine: December 2017 Employer Ezine
You can teach skills but you cant teach personality l Build up l Play to your strengths
Nova Ezine: November 2017 Employer Ezine
NOVA Transition Graduates l How to get great results...l NOVA offers more than recruitment l Considering employing a person with a disability
Nova Ezine: October 2017 Employer Ezine
PERFECT JOB MATCH l Beware the catchy sloganl Biggest barrier Ignorance l Feel like a flutter
Nova Ezine: September 2017 Employer Ezine
Perfect partnership all about people l Grand final fever l Choosing the right employer l We have two events in September of interest to employers in Nepean
Nova Ezine: August 2017 Employer Ezine
Employer asks More please l Reward for effort l Community Is Everything l Focus On Ability Film Festival
Nova Ezine: June 2017
CEO Comment l Employees help business succeed l Travel Training and Train Safety l Martin's Grand Vision
Nova Ezine: July 2017 Employer Ezine
Longevity is the aim l International sharing of wisdom l Traineeships and Apprenticeships thats where its at l Do we have an event for you
Nova Ezine: May 2017
CEO Comment l OK, right, you can do this l Let's Get Working l What kind of film will you make?
Nova Ezine: June 2017 Employer Ezine
Finding good staff through NOVA l Celebrate ourselves when we can l Expressing genuine pride l ROLL UP ROLL UP
Nova Ezine: May 2017
Work placement leads to employment l Staff retention l Why reputation matters l No such thing as a free lunch
Nova Ezine: April 2017
CEO Comment l Desperately Seeking Job Seekers l Interview Questions Tell me about yourself l Industry visit has Rouse Hill Trainees Blooming
Nova Ezine: April 2017 Employer Ezine
Perfect Job Match l A Word From Martin l How to establish strong working relationships l Roll up Roll up
Nova Ezine: March 2017
CEO Comment l How to figure out education goals for a child with special needs l Future meets past
Nova Ezine: March 2017 Employer Ezine
PERFECT JOB MATCH l The value of strong relationships
Nova Ezine: February 2017
CEO Comment l Use a professional email address l Not just a job an achievable realistic sustainable suitable career
Nova Ezine: Working Together
February, 2017. Employers everywhere - take note! NOVA's inaugural Working Together ezine is here. Arriving monthly, these two pages are full of tips, tools, case studies and offers for our employment partners. Take a look inside. You've got to be in it to win it! Martin Wren & the NOVA team
Nova Ezine: January 2017
CEO Comment l Fear not People with a disability will contribute to your workplace l 2017 NOVA Transition
Nova Ezine: December 2016
CEO Comment l 2016 NOVA Transition Success l Answering the question What do you do
Nova Ezine: November 2016
CEO Comment l Focus on Ability Africa l The importance of communication skills
Nova Ezine: October 2016
CEO Comment l Craig secures first ever job l Engadine the Kings of Bowls l The wrong attitude
Nova Ezine: September 2016
CEO Comment l 2016 FOA Red Carpet Awards Evening l C91.3 FM Industry Visit l The Social
Nova Ezine: August 2016
CEO Comment l Focus on Ability 8 sets new benchmark l Richmond is Transitioning into Work l See more than a disability
Nova Ezine: July 2016
CEO Comment l Is self doubt sabotaging you? l The Windsor Wolves pack is small but mighty! l More than just a job
Nova Ezine: June 2016
CEO Comment l Trainees go Nuclear l Are you making excuses? l Push for 100 jobs in 100 days
Nova Ezine: May 2016
CEO Comment l Camden Transition Building Work Skills l Previously 'unemployable' people with disabilities now hitting the workforce l Transition into our new website
Nova Ezine: April 2016
CEO Comment l Ingleburn & Liverpool TTW are full steam ahead l How to research a company before a job interview l A valuable pair of hands through NOVA
Nova Ezine: March 2016
CEO Comment l Consider a Part time job l CONNECT with INDUSTRY l Sharks support Nova
Nova Ezine: February 2016
CEO Comment l NOVA workers willing to work l NOVA candidate lands job l Conducting a mock interview
Nova Ezine: January 2016
CEO Comment l TTW Welcomes 2016 l Moqubel is a great fit at R&P Services l Paul's Posh Service is a winner
Nova Ezine: December 2015
CEO Comment l TTW Graduation Day another hit! l A Clouet & NOVA's great partnership
Nova Ezine: November 2015
CEO Comment l Aaxis Pacific's focus on ability l 2015 Work Placement Team l Blygold Australia's jack-of-all-trades
Nova Ezine: October 2015
CEO Comment l Brendan's a cutting edge employee l 2nd years Employed and ready to celebrate at Graduation l 100 Jobs in a 100 Days - Western Sydney
Nova Ezine: September 2015
CEO Comment l Focus on Ability Film Awards 2015 l Focus on Ability Film Festival - School Screening
Nova Ezine: August 2015
CEO Comment l OPEN EMPLOYMENT with a Difference! l Focus on Ability Film Festival makes International headlines
Nova Ezine: July 2015
CEO Comment l Tim's work ethic enables a prosperous future l The FOA Film Festival hits new heights l Brian is all class at the RSL
Nova Ezine: June 2015
CEO Comment l The Zumba Transition l SuperNOVA Sneak Peak
Nova Ezine: May 2015
CEO Comment l The Apple of Engadine's "i" l Focus on New York!
Nova Ezine: April 2015
CEO Comment l Rockdale & Hurstville TTW in full swing l 2015 FOA Sponsors Launch
Nova Ezine: March 2015
CEO Comment l First Class Baristas in the making l NOVA campaign to create ‘100 Jobs in 100 Days’ l 2015 FOA Prize list surpasses $100,000
Nova Ezine: February 2015
CEO Comment NOVA Transition opens in Liverpool l 100 Jobs in 100 Days l 2015 FOA Competition
Nova Ezine: January 2015
CEO Comment l 2015 Transition to Work l 100 jobs in 100 days in St George and Sutherland l 2015 FOA Website Launched
Nova Ezine: December 2014
CEO Comment l 2014 TTW Graduation l 2015 FOA Website Launched
Nova Ezine: November 2014
CEO Comment l FOA heads to New Zealand l NOVA helps Redbank School get on the road l TTW’s Golden Swimmer
Nova Ezine: October 2014
CEO Comment l July Social in September l NOVA 100 jobs in 100 days campaign l My Transition to work
Nova Ezine: September 2014
CEO Comment l How to make a fine short-film competition l This is why I come to work every day...
Nova Ezine: August 2014
CEO Comment l VOTE 1 – Focus on Ability Short Films l FOA Film Festival takes over the papers! l Nova Employment’s jobs campaign has ‘changed lives’
Nova Ezine: July 2014
CEO Comment l St Marys TTW meet the Panthers l Be sure to check out the FOA Films l NOVA makes yet another great match
Nova Ezine: June 2014
CEO Comment l Client Profile - Lucas l Singapore Delegates Visit to NOVA Employment
Nova Ezine: May 2014
CEO Comment l Client Profile - Joshua l The sky is the limit
Nova Ezine: April 2014
CEO Comment l Sarah's career off to a flying start l Engaging life with hope luncheon l Barista training at NOVA
Nova Ezine: March 2014
CEO Comment l Dom, A leader for Tomorrow l NOVA shows great support for job seekers
Nova Ezine: February 2014
CEO Comment l A Huge month in Hurstville l Employment plan runs on time
Nova Ezine: January 2014
CEO Comment l Focus on ability key to campaign l 2013 was a big year for NOVA Transition l Advertising Blitz set for February
Nova Ezine: December 2013
CEO Comment l Transition to Work 2013 Graduation
Nova Ezine: November 2013
CEO Comment l Campbelltown TTW = 100% Success l FOA on Aurora TV
Nova Ezine: October 2013
CEO Comment l Back Galley Cafe l TTW Rockdale l Deniz's Journal
Nova Ezine: September 2013
CEO Comment l Wrap workshop in Newcastle l On the move in Katoomba l Receiving negative feedback
Nova Ezine: August 2013
CEO Comment l 2013 FOA Awards Evening l FOA Winners List l TTW Windsor - 100% Success
Nova Ezine: July 2013
CEO Comment l Healthy Minds, Healthy Workplace l Embracing Differences
Nova Ezine: June 2013
CEO Comment l Temple Grandin inspires at the Epping Club l Embracing Differences
Nova Ezine: May 2013
CEO Comment l Joey is stepping up to the plate l Readiness for change l FOA Film Comp
Nova Ezine: April 2013
CEO Comment l Dream Job l Temple Grandin l Cover Letters
Nova Ezine: March 2013
CEO Comment l Focus on Ability 5 l NOVA pays a visit to Sharks HQ
Nova Ezine: February 2013
CEO Comment l TTW Blue Mountains l Digital Storytelling
Nova Ezine: January 2013
Acting CEO Comment l Create lasting change l TTW 2013 l 2013 Advertising Campaign
Nova Ezine: December 2012
CEO Comment l Transition to Work - 2012 Gala l Focus on Ability Film Festival on Aurora
Nova Ezine: November 2012
CEO Comment l Sergey's the new groundsman l It's sometimes the 'little things' l Bo on the go
Nova Ezine: October 2012
CEO Comment l Focus on Ability Awards Night l Bankstown TTW Industry Visit to WSFM
Nova Ezine: September 2012
CEO Comment l Focus on Ability Short Film Comp l What to wear to an interview l Broken Hill Open Day
Nova Ezine: August 2012
CEO Comment l Let's get working special edition l Lyndon- Cooking first class tucker l Why 'not' to choose NOVA TTW
Nova Ezine: July 2012
CEO Comment l NOVA's Cafe 64- Walgett l Broken Hill TTW
Nova Ezine: June 2012
CEO Comment l Holly's a success in Katoomba l Samantha is on the job l Focus on Ability Film Comp
Nova Ezine: May 2012
CEO Comment l Bankstown TTW l The new Jo Blogs.
Nova Ezine: April 2012
CEO Comment l Springwood's TTW l Autism Seminar success
Nova Ezine: March 2012
CEO Comment l Forster's TTW l North Coast TV Commercials l Autism Seminar
Nova Ezine: February 2012
CEO Comment l It's hotting up in Hurstville l Sydney's new television commercials
Nova Ezine: January 2012
CEO Comment l NOVA Training l NOVA Transition l 2012 Media Initiatives
Nova Ezine: December 2011
CEO Comment l TTW Gala l Disability Awareness Week
Nova Ezine: November 2011
CEO Comment l The Wheelie Amazing Race l TTW's Rhys
Nova Ezine: October 2011
CEO Comment l North Coast TV Stars l Footy legends visit Caringbah
Nova Ezine: September 2011
CEO Comment l NOVA launches new television commercials l Penrith Transition to Work visit WSFM
Nova Ezine: August 2011
CEO Comment l Focus on Ability 3 Awards night l Campbell's time in transition
Nova Ezine: July 2011
CEO Comment l Michael's Perfect Job Match l Tim- Another TTW Success l Stephanie- Making the most of it l
Nova Ezine: June 2011
CEO Comment l Caringbah TTW l Determination pays off for Larissa l Kelly's new career in Retail
Nova Ezine: May 2011
CEO Comment l Making friends in the UK l St Marys TTW
Nova Ezine: April 2011
CEO Comment l Katoomba TTW l Camden Show
Nova Ezine: March 2011
CEO Comment l Patrick's Cleaning l Parklands Village l Focus on Ability 3
Nova Ezine: February 2011
CEO Comment l Blown Away Hair Design l Tuncurry TTW l 10 tips for talking to someone in a wheelchair
Nova Ezine: January 2011
CEO Comment l NOVA Launches 2011 TV Campaign l NOVA Transition
Nova Ezine: December 2010
CEO Comment l Todd gains practical experience l Quickflow Plumbing
Nova Ezine: November 2010
Acting CEO Comment l TTW Blacktown's Work Experience l Thomas at Clemenger BBDO
Nova Ezine: October 2010
CEO Comment l Broken Hill Gala l TTW
Nova Ezine: September 2010
Focus On Ability Awards Night l Broken Hill TTW
Nova Ezine: August Ezine
Dale DiLeo Special
Nova Ezine: July Ezine
Focus on Ability l Hands up for NOVA l Can Do Expert
Nova Ezine: June 2010
CEO Comment l Matt at Anglicare l Dan at Penrith R.S.L l Can Do Ability
Nova Ezine: May 2010
C.E.O Comment l Gav's great 12 months l Liftco joins NOVA on the radio l Can-do-Ability
Nova Ezine: April 2010
CEO Comment l Campbelltown TTW's Luncheon l Michael has it secured l Camden Rodeo
Nova Ezine: March 2010
CEO's Comment l Sun shines on Ashley l 2GB Partnership l Candoability
Nova Ezine: February 2010
WRAP Trip USA l Focus on Ability 2 I Disability no barrier for Jex l Marvel Wheelchair
Nova Ezine: January 2010
4 of NOVA's valued employees share their views on working for NOVA.
Nova Ezine: December 2009
C.E.O Comment l Branch Open Days l Tasmanian Disability Conference l
Nova Ezine: IDPWD 2009
International Day for People With a Disability l Julia Gillard Breakfast l Bowling Champions l IDPWD in Port Macquarie l Jodie De Ruvo guest speaker at Wollondilly Council l Walgett's IDPWD
Nova Ezine: November 2009
Caringbah are Winners! l Small Business Champions l Jess is the 'Young Achiever of the Year' l Diversity @ Work Runners Up
Nova Ezine: October 2009
Amandas Story l Greg Climbs Mt Everest l Helen at Cannon l Chris O'Dowd l Eric's Prosperity
Nova Ezine: September 2009
CEO Comment | Daniel’s a Real Winner | Avian’s Work Experience | Well Done Dillon | Fantastic work Robert | | NOVA Campbelltown recognised by the community | Transition to Work Trainee’s Bridge the Gap with Technology | Anne Marie’s Dream Job |
Nova Ezine:
Nova Ezine: July 2009
CEO Announces NOVA’s TV commercials | Meet our TV STARS | Local Business Focuses on Ability | Pizza Hut Broken Hill | Local Icon Reopens | I felt like a door in my life had closed .... | Working with Ability | Transition to Work Open days|
Nova Ezine: June 2009
CEO comment| Federal Minister meets Holly | Disability Services and Jobs | 'Dress for Success' Workshop | Katie's Dream Comes True | Hon. Graham West visits NOVA Campbelltown | What's Happening at Cafe 64 | Thank you Martyn, Rob and NOVA
Nova Ezine: May 2009
CEO Comment | “Focus on Ability” competition | Elite Equipment | ACP Concrete | Blue Mountains Buses | Kumho Tyres | Alsco Linen | Testimonials |
Nova Ezine: April 2009
CEO Announces “Focus on Ability” competition | “My Grateful Cup Runneth Over” | Kye’s our Guy | Fire Safety First .... | James’s dream Job! | Jarred’s Success | Apprentice Cooking Up a Storm | Team Leader | Thank you cafe 64 |
Nova Ezine: FORSTER Special Edition
Epilepsy Action | Renee’s Story | Wally Lewis Support | Fashion Affair | Paul Wade | Martin Wren Speaks | The Auction | NOVA’s dedicated staff | And the fun continues .... |
Nova Ezine: March E-zine
C.E.O. Comment | Vince's Mum says .... | TTW Coordinator | Transition Trainees | Transition to Work ON THE MOVE | Life Skills | What I Learnt during O.H.&S.... | Work Experience
Nova Ezine: February 2009
CEO Comment | Public Forum Aspergers Spectrum Disorder | Leonie | Christena | Renee | Well Done Nik! | Cafe 64 Employee of the Month | Oren | NOVAs Successful Radio Campaign
Nova Ezine: January 2009
CEO Comment | Dear Selina .... | Employee of the Month | Nadine .... | Jeremy's Great Job! | Transition to Work 2009 | Phillip .... | Niki .... |
Nova Ezine: December 2008
C.E.O. Comment | International Day of People with Disability | Rocking Down the River in Taree | Celebrating with Certificates at the Cafe | Being the Best at Bowling in Foster | NOVA Training - Exciting Times! | Aboriginal Pilot Program in Moree and more
Nova Ezine: November 2008
Celebrating Success | Where are they now? | The Importance of being Dennis | WOW! Congratulations Bernadette | New Premises for our Richmond Team | TTW + NOVA = Success | Cafe 64 supports Canteen’s Bandana Day | Gala in Broken Hill | Award Winners
Nova Ezine: October 2008
Staff Training | NOVA's joined the World of Internet Social Networking | Managers' Forum | Transiton to Work Media Release Paul Lynch MP | Good Luck NOVA [email protected] Awards | Cherry | Cafe 64 wins Business Award
Nova Ezine: September 2008
NOVA's Job Club | Webcast Presentations | Building a Future | Congratulations Job Club Broken Hill | Congratulations Cafe 64 | The Best just got Better | Well Done Broken Hill | 26 Weeks ....
Nova Ezine: August 2008
How are your Standards? | Disability Service Standards | Multi-Award Winning | Safety First | Cafe 64
Nova Ezine: July 2008
Transition to Work | Our Terrific Transition to Work Trainees | Where is Vince now? | Maureen certainly wasn’t Sleeping on the Job | NOVA Stars
Nova Ezine: June 2008
Long Term Job Retention | Life Work Education | Success is not just a Word | Peter has the Stamp of Approval | Edward Scissorhands Winner | Matthew’s Smile will Brighten your Day! | Well Done Christopher
Nova Ezine: May 2008
NOVA's Commitment to Excellence | About NOVA Training | Asperger's Syndrome Information Forum NOVA Port Macquarie | NOVA Rallies for their River | New York? Hollywood? No it's Richmond
Nova Ezine: April 2008
A Sound Business Decision | Work is Life Defining | Thanks to NOVA's Job Club | Gear Up, It's Race Day | Ashley's just Amazing.
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